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Mata Ortiz Pottery 

History & Artists

Thanks to Drs.-Ing. Patrick Geurts

Gallery Phase thanks gallerist, collector and designer Drs-Ing Patrick Geurts, who made the collection available to our gallery.

In 2006 he  came in contact with the art of Paquime and he was ... "lost". he was thrilled by the beauty and fascinated by the story and started a collection and Gallery in the south of Germany.  In 2009 he started as a designer. Inspired by the art of Paquime and based on his plastic background he designed his first hybrid vase based on plastic and an organic component.

You can find examples of these vases in our curiosity shop.


Mata Ortiz pottery.

The extraordinary art of Paquime pottery. Worldclass pottery based on the pre-Colombian ceramics of the ancient culture of Paquime in the north of Mexico.

The pottery is handbuilt without the use of a potters wheel. Shaping, sanding and polishing is entirely done by hand. The beautiful designs are handpainted with fine brushes of human hair with paints that originate from local minerals and clays. The low temperature firing is done in the back yard with wood and cow dung as the fuel.

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